Zones of Regulation

We have been looking at ways to support our children with their emotional well-being and are excited to share with you that from January we will be introducing Zones of Regulation across the school. The Zones of Regulation is a curriculum full of a range of activities to help your child develop skills in the area of self regulation. Self-regulation encompasses: self-control; resilience; self-management; anger management; impulse control; and sensory regulation.

A person who can self-regulate will

  • remain calm and organised in a stressful situation. (Executive Functions)
  • cheer themselves up after a disappointment. (Emotional Regulation)
  • knows when they are experiencing sensory overload and can make adjustments. (Sensory processing)
  • Understands when it is appropriate to cheer and shout and when to be quiet. (Social Cognition)

The Graveley teachers will be introducing the zones of regulation in class, including;

  • The vocabulary of emotional terms
  • How to recognise their own emotions
  • How to detect the emotions of others (read others’ facial expressions)
  • What may trigger certain emotions
  • How others may interpret their behaviour
  • Problem solving skills

The Zones of Regulation provides a common language to discuss emotions – a language that is non-judgemental. The Zones of Regulation is simple for children to understand but is helpful for all, using
four simple colours! It teaches healthy coping and regulation strategies.

Further information and resources for parents and children can be found below:

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