Our Staff

Mrs Nicky Hand
Head Teacher
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Miss Emma Potter
Badger Class Teacher (Yr 5 and Yr 6)
English Lead
Mrs Jenny Stead
SEND and PPA cover Teacher
Maths Lead
Mrs Jane Page
Squirrel Class Teacher (Y1 and Y2)
Mrs Alex Dynes
Foxes Class Teacher (Y3 and Y4)
Mrs Laura Forster
Hedgehog Class Teacher (Reception and Y1)
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mrs Bonnie Sarkar
Badger Class LSA
Mrs Nikki Smith
Badger Class LSA
Mental Health First-Aider

Miss Lottie Hammond

Badger Class LSA

Mrs Jane Morgan
Foxes Class LSA

Mrs Jenny Huggill

Foxes Class LSA

Mrs Sheena Leonard
Foxes Class LSA
Mrs Louise Pilgrim
Squirrel Class LSA
Mrs Michelle Lingwood
Hedgehog and Squirrels Class LSA
Ms Tracey Tooley
Hedgehog Class LSA
Mrs Tina D'Arcy

Ms Nancy Yuen
School Secretary
Clerk to Governing Board
Mrs Karen Reah
Administrative Assistant (Thursday-Friday)
Mr Phil Goater
Caretaker (part-time)

Mrs Gemma Downham
School Cook
Mrs Heather Adkins
Kitchen Assistant
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