Our School Dog – Kai

Important facts about Kai

Kai was born on January 6th 2022 in Grimsby. He has two  brothers (Ernie and Barney) and two sisters (Nala and Darcy). His dad is Cooper and he is a golden Cockapoo. His mum is called Willow and she is a black and white Cavapoo. This makes Kai a Cocka-cava-poo! 

Kai comes in to school every morning with Miss Potter (who is his registered owner) with a special harness and seat belt, after he has had his morning walk at his local park and breakfast. During the day he has a comfy pen with his basket and toys in Mrs. Hand’s office.

He is having his basic puppy training right now (he has passed his Dogs Trust puppy course over the summer holiday) and when he is older he will have his special therapy training to help Graveley to feel like an even better environment to grow up in and learn in.

Below is the leaflet Pupil Parliament made, our school dog policy, the information we sent out to all our pupils, parents and staff before we decided on getting a school dog and a letter the Pupil Parliament sent to Friends of Graveley asking for funding for training.

He has already brightened up the place, especially in the morning when the school adults arrive – he loves to jiggle up and get lots of fuss from everyone as well as welcoming all the pupils and parents.

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