Medical and Illness

Graveley school is welcoming and supportive of pupils with medical conditions. It makes all reasonable adjustments for children with medical conditions to have the same opportunities and access to activities (both school based and out-of-school) as other pupils. No child will be denied admission or prevented from taking up a place in this school because reasonable arrangements for their medical condition have not been made.

Long-Term Medical Needs

Should your child have or develop a medical condition that requires medicine to be kept in school e.g. asthma, or adjustments made to allow them to access the school environment, please contact the school office to speak to Mrs Hand. It may be necessary to arrange a meeting to discuss how the school will ensure that your child’s condition is managed in school. Please see our policy below for how we support pupils with medical conditions.

Returning to school after long-term illness or injury

If your child has been off school for a prolonged period due to illness or has suffered an injury which needs special consideration when they return to school e.g. crutches required, please contact the school office to speak to the Head. It may be necessary to arrange a meeting to discuss how to manage their return to school and complete a risk assessment if required.

Administration of Short-Term Medication

If at all possible we would encourage parents to ask their GP that any doses of medication prescribed for short-term illness be administered outside of the school day. However, if unavoidable and medication needs to be administered at set times during the school day, arrangements can be made by the parent or guardian with the school. Staff are not contractually obliged to administer short-term medication, but offer this facility to support our working parents. We would encourage parents where possible, to come to school themselves to administer medication.

Non-Prescribed Medicines

The school will not administer any medicines that have not been prescribed by a doctor, dentist, nurse prescriber or pharmacist prescriber. Children are not permitted to self-administer medical creams, drops etc. unless these have been prescribed. If such non-prescribed medicines are required, parents must come up to school to administer.

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