Pupil Parliament

Each year, the children elect representatives from their Class to become members of our Pupil Parliament. These children meet regularly with Mrs Andrews, to raise concerns their class mates may have and share any suggestions. In previous years they have also run their own fundraising events and even visited the Houses of Parliament.

The 2021-22 representatives are:

Evie – Year 6

My name is Evie and I am one of two Year 6 Pupil Parliament members. I am ten years old. My interests inside school are: maths; science; English, art, PE, D&T and RE. My hobbies outside of school are: tap, ballet, modern, street, football training, swimming, pottery and dodgeball. Some things I’d like to do to make the school a better place are: more fun whole school days, like Eco-Day; survey what extra playtime equipment everyone would like and find even more ways to make learning fun.

Ava – Year 6

My name is Ava and I am in Class 4. I am ten years old. In school I like to read, write and do maths. At home I also like to read and to play football. I would like to make the school a better place by helping to spread awareness of special needs that people might have like, ADD, dyspraxia and OCD.

Beatrix- Year 5

My name is Beatrix, I am nine and I am in Class 4. My favourite subjects are PE, art, maths and ENglish. When I’m not at school I like swimming, gymnastics, music, ballet and horse riding. I also like pottery. We want to have great fun at school and encourage everyone to be kind and caring to each other.

Phoebe – Year 5

Hi, my name is Phoebe and I am ten. I am in Class 4, Year 5. My hobbies are swimming dance and piano. I would like for every student at Graveley School to be happy, successful and have lots of fun! I would like to give everyone a voice and a chance to be heard. I also want to make a difference to our school community by putting pupils ideas into action to make our learning environment even better.

Jack – Year 4

Hi! I’m Jack and I’m 8 years old. I’m in Class 3 as a Year 4 and am kind, so don’t worry! My hobbies are maths, a bit of English, art and science. I’ve got a lot of ideas to make Graveley School a better place like using the pond more, doing more after school clubs, a soft play day for class 1 and 2 and more sports days for class 3 and 4.

Reggie – Year 3

My name is Reggie. I am 8 years old and I am in Class 3. My hobbies are… mostly football! I have 2 sisters, a dog and my Mum and Dad. I would like to improve the school by adding more footballs and football goals to the field and maybe even introduce footgolf!


My name is Olivia. I am in Class 2 and I am 6 years old. At home I like playing with Barbies and my i-pad. To make Graveley even better I would like to get more equipment for play time, like ping-pong balls.

Alfie – Year 1

Hello my name is Alfred. I am 5 years old and a Year 1 in Class 1. At school I love child-initiated learning and at home I really like playing with my toys. I think I will be good as a member of Pupil Parliament as I will listen to the ideas of others.

Jack – Reception

I am Jack and I am 5 years old and in Class 1. At school I like playing superheroes, learning maths and phonics. At home I like to play characters with Mario, Sonic and Pokemon. I would like Graveley School even better by having more time to play on the field and playground.

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