Y6 Ambassadors

Issy – Green Emerald House Captain

As a house captain I count up all of the green emerald house points at the end of the week, and compete against the other three houses. I would like to be able to work with the other house captains to plan how the winning house celebrates at the end of each half-term.

Stanley – Blue Sapphire House Captain

My role is to lead my house to victory! There are four houses in total: Yellow Diamond; Green Emerald; Red Ruby and BLUE SAPPHIRE – blue is the best! This year I would like to lead my house in school and make decisions. I would like us to be first out of all the houses again and to win on Sports Day!

Sophia – Yellow Diamond House Captain

As a house captain I count the weekly house points and lead my house in school activities. I am happy in my role and with what I do. My target for this term is to help my house win twice more because last year we rarely won!

Ellie – Red Ruby House Captain

My role is to count up the house points in Class 4, then add up red’s house points. I also sort out the half-term celebrations. I would like it if the house captains could announce their houses house point scores each week and of course, for red ruby to win!

Emma – Reading Ambassador

I am the reading ambassador and my role is to help and encourage everyone to read. I want to make sure everyone enjoys reading and does it regularly and get more people achieving their AR reading certificates.

Edgar – Maths Ambassador

I am the maths ambassador and am here to help others and give them maths tips. I would like to make a new level for times tables and create Graveley School maths tactics. I hope to give everyone the key to a love of maths and be known as the best maths ambassador.

Mya – Collectives Ambassador

I am the collectives ambassador. I am here to lead the Collectives Team – looking after the religious side of the school. I want to create the best team that I can and make all of our school/students follow our amazing teachings and God. I’d like to have a weekly meeting, but it’s hard at the moment, and also make all reflection areas in classes unique and up to standard.

Nancy – Wellbeing Ambassador

In my role, I make sure every pupil is OK, happy and feels safe. I want to make sure everyone has no worries. My target for next term is to think of ways to make the new Reception pupils welcome and make them feel safe and settled in.

Georgia – P.E. Ambassador

In my role I do lots of different things to do with P.E. Once I taught a yoga lesson with the other P.E. ambassadors. I would like to help the teachers pick who gets to compete in sports competitions. My target is to have a Sports Crew up and running by the Spring Term!

Stanley – P.E. Ambassador

I do lots of different stuff to do with P.E. at school. I help sort out different events in school like the recent cup stacking competition and help people with sport. I would like to get other children a lot more interested in sport.

Will – P.E. Ambassador

My role is Physical Education. We get all the sports equipment out and sometimes help to teach lessons. I’d like to do this more and also increase out sports events. My goal in the Spring Term is to teach five different lessons.

George – Art Ambassador

I am the art ambassador and help people in school with art. I’d like to draw things for students to draw in their own way and to get more people drawing.

Ralph – Play Ambassador

I am the play time ambassador. The role is hard at the moment because the school has staggered playtimes in our bubbles. I would like to make play times more exciting and maybe buy some new equipment.

Harry – Play Ambassador

I am in charge of break and lunch time play. I take our class box out at break and lunch and check the equipment. I would like to think of good activities for break and lunchtimes.

Ewan – Environment Ambassador

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