Class 4

Welcome to Class Four, we are made up of Year 5 and Year 6 children.

Our teacher is Miss Potter.

Mrs Sarkar, Mrs Morgan and Mrs Huggill also help us in class.

Click here to find out about our Year 6 ambassador roles.

Autumn 1 – Evacuees

During Autumn 1 this year, we have really enjoyed learning about World War Two and especially the impact this had on the children of Britain. We have explored why it started and how the people coped through having air raid shelters to protect themselves; evacuating children to safer locations; rationing food, clothing and fuel; how propaganda was used to persuade the public to ‘grow their own’, ‘make do and mend’ and ‘Dig for victory’ – see our research in the video above on the harvest during the conflict – and how the Battle of Britain was a key turning point. Our class will then use all our research of this topic to help us lead our school in paying our respect to the forces during Remembrance Day.

Remembrance Day 2021

Class 4 researched the history of Remembrance Day and the Poppy. We also used a WWI photograph to inspire our own poems portraying the emotions of soldiers and how the scenes of war played out which we then used to make our own silhouette artwork.

We hope you join in in paying our respects through watching the PowerPoint below – thank you.

Autumn 2 – Trading posts

For Christmas this year, we made 138 Reindeer hot chocolate cones for our neighbours. We then hand delivered them, allowing all the pupils in the school to explore our village, from the little ones in Class 1 all the way up to the big Year 6’s – obviously social distanced from the public. The community sent some lovely thank you emails and letters. Merry Christmas!

Spring 1 – The Shang Dynasty

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