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School Day

Please note that whilst on school grounds, parents and carers are responsible for their child(ren) and their actions before 8:50am and after 3:10pm.  In the interests of health and safety, please ensure your child does not play on outdoor play equipment before  or after school.

At the end of the school day, Children should be collected from school promptly at 3:10pm. If a child has not been collected by 3:30pm, the school office will telephone the parent/carer. In the event that a child is not collected by 4:00pm, the school will contact Social Services.


Breakfast Club 7.45 - 8.50 am
Early Drop Off 8.30 - 8.50 am
Arrival and Early Morning Work 8.50 - 9.00 am (Doors Close at 9 am)
Registration 9.00 am
Lunch 12.00 - 1.00 pm
Class 1 Finish 3.10 pm
Rest of School Finish 3.15 pm

Breakfast Club: (7.45am – 8.50am)     Every morning we run a Breakfast Club which children may attend if you require early morning childcare facilities. The fee is £3.50 per session and there is no need to commit to every morning. Children can turn up and pay as they arrive.  The session includes breakfast and there is also a wide variety of activities available.  It is a great chance for your child to have breakfast and socialise with other children.                                                                                                           

Early Drop Off: (8.30am – 8.50am)       If you need to drop your child off early, you can do so from 8.30am. Your child will be supervised until school starts. This costs £1.00 but breakfast is not included.
We accept Edenred childcare vouchers as payment towards Breakfast Club. If you wish to use these vouchers please tell Chris Parrott (Breakfast Club supervisor). Parents in receipt of electronic Childcare Vouchers will need to use the account number P20556524 to request payment.

Start of the Day:              Classroom doors are opened at 8.50am by your child’s class teacher; small issues can be discussed when you drop your child off.  However, we would ask that you make an appointment if you have a more complex issue.  Teaching staff are also available to speak to at the end of the day. Due to the nature of Graveley’s location, traffic in the morning can get quite backlogged.  Parents are encouraged to park away from the school and to walk the remaining distance.  Please enter via the pedestrian gate, the vehicle gates are locked at 8.30am for the safety of all our children.

Between 8:50 and 9:00am every day children complete early morning maths work.  During these 10 minutes children focus on the core maths skills associated with the four functions.

Walking Bus:        Every morning we operate a walking bus initiative. Children can be dropped off in the car park of the George and Dragon pub in the High Street and will be escorted to school by willing parents.


Cycling:         Parents and pupils are welcome to cycle to school.  Please dismount before entering the premises and walk your bike through the school grounds.  Pupils may leave their bikes in our secure bike pods located in the Graveley Garden.

Dogs:          For health and safety reasons we ask that dogs are not brought onto the premises.


Office Hours
Before 8.30 am     Answer phone on only.  Office closed.  If your child is unwell you may leave a message as all messages are passed on.
8.30 am               Kate or Heather is in the office and can deal with uniform, school meals etc. If she is unavailable please leave a message on the answer phone.
4. 00 pm              Answer phone on

School Meals:   All school meals must be ordered and paid for in advance at the beginning of each half term.  Cheques (or cash) should be sent into school with your child in a named envelope.  These will be passed onto Kate.

Absences:     If your child is unwell, please call the office before 9.10am.  In the event that we do not hear from you, we will endeavour to call you before 9.30am. Any absence must be followed up with a letter to confirm the absence. Continued absence will be referred to the county.

Parent Helpers:  We welcome support from parents in whatever way you can help.  Do you have a hidden talent?  Could you spare a few hours to help hear children read?  Could you run a music club?  If you would like to help please see Kate in the office who will organise a DBS (a legal requirement) check. 

Information: Important information will be relayed to you via parent mail or by school newsletters and these will be placed in your child’s book bag.

Parent Mail: You can choose to have your newsletters by e-mail.  Graveley is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and we are pleased to say that the majority of parents choose this as their preferred method of receiving letters.  To subscribe, please add your e-mail address to the form.


Birthdays:    Children who have birthdays on school days often like to bring in a small treat for each child in the class such as a box of raisins, small chocolate bar, lollies etc.  Please mention this to the class teacher who will store the items safely in class. All sweets must not be opened until children have left the school premise.


Water:    Pupils should bring into school a clearly named water bottle daily to ensure    that they keep their brains hydrated.  It must be taken home every night for refilling.

Sun:    We have a clear sun smart policy.  The following information is an  integral part of it:

  Children will   
  •   be encouraged to wear suitable clothing that does not expose too much skin  to the sunlight
  • be asked to bring to school a hat for protection (preferable legionnaire  style)
  • wear t-shirts for our sports and PE activities, not vests


  • children’s skin should be protected by sun blocks that are suitable and long-lasting.  Plenty should be applied before coming to school
  • Children may bring sunscreen to school (clearly named), providing they are sensible with it and know how to store it in their bag to prevent spillage
  • They should not apply it to another child
  • Teachers are not allowed to rub cream onto children; however, if there are medical reasons, first aiders are able to do this and an ‘Administration of  Medicine’ form must be completed by the parent

 After School Clubs:  Our list of after school clubs changes each term.  A letter will be sent out at the beginning of each term outlining different clubs on offer, the cost and number of places. Clubs are provided for Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2 children. We do not offer after school clubs for Reception age children because it is felt that the day would be too long for them.

Celebration Assembly:  Every Friday the school gathers together to celebrate the successes and learning of all members of the school community. Parents are invited to join us for this celebration – please see the yearly timetable for dates.

Head Teacher’s Award is presented to one child in each class who has demonstrated  the value of the week.

Achievement Awards are given to pupils from each class who have shown outstanding performance in maths and writing. These are awarded on alternate weeks.

Y.E.S. Awards (You’re Extra Special!) are given periodically to any member of the school.  Anyone can be nominated by someone writing a letter to the head explaining what the person has done that is ‘extra special!’

Houses: The school has introduced a house system which encourages children throughout the school to work together to receive house points. Children will be allocated a house group on starting at Graveley and remain in these groups throughout their time with us.
Younger siblings are placed in the same house group as their older brothers and sisters.

Our house names are


  • Red Ruby
  • Blue Sapphire
  • Green Emerald
  • Yellow Diamond


 Medicines:   If your child requires regular medicines please contact the school offiice for a form.  All medicines must be in the original packaging with a clear pharmacists label on the box.  Pupils’ medicines are stored in named boxes in the staffroom and are administered by an adult.  Boxes are taken outside for P.E. and all  medicines are taken home at the end of each term.


I’ve Got a Problem!    We try very hard to ensure that your child gets the very best education we can provide but we are aware that sometimes you may feel unsure or unhappy with things – what should you do?
In the first instance please speak to your child’s class teacher as they will know your child very well.  Often misunderstandings can be cleared up with a quick chat. If you feel that you need to take the matter further, please speak to Mrs Andrews (Deputy Head) who will be able to investigate further.
If you feel that the issue still has not been resolved please make an appointment to speak with the head. The head operates an ‘open door’ policy and is happy to speak with parents if she is available. 
We welcome both positive and negative feedback from all members of the school community and, where appropriate, make changes to school life based upon this information.  We are constantly striving to improve and evolve so please offer your constructive advice.  Most importantly, please speak to us about anything you are unhappy about.
























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