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Graveley School was opened in 1874 as a Church of England School, gaining controlled status in 1948. The original school house was in Church Lane (now a beautiful converted house!) and it was modernised and centrally heated in 1955. The current site at Ashwell Common was bought in 1972 and a replacement school was completed in 1977. We have found log books for the school dating right back to 1874 when "The principal Teacher must make at least once a week in the Log Book an entry which will specify ordinary progress, and other facts concerning the School or its Teachers, such as the dates of withdrawals, commencements of duty, cautions, illness &c, which may require to be referred to at a future time". The first Head Teacher was Mrs A M Symes. Her first entry in the Log Book reads: June 19th 1874 "Commenced my duties in this School on Monday morning, and during the week have admitted 64 scholars, whose ages vary from 2 to 15 years. I find that with one exception, they have never attended any school beyond a "Plaiting", so that they are almost entirely ignorant of anything beyond that......The children are wholly undisciplined but seem obedient and anxious to impress" We also found a "Punishment Book", dating back over a hundred years, recording the child's name, their offence and the punishment meted out to them. The first entry in 1907 was for "repeated idleness" and earned "two strokes on hand", but by 1964 bad behaviour cost "one stroke on seat"! Gladly, though, there were only about 100 entries for the 74 years it covered, ending in 1981.






















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