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At Graveley we use a creative approach to teaching the curriculum using the core skills from the National Curriculum as the basis for each topic. A new class topic is studied every half term. Children are involved in the pre-planning of their topic and contribute valued ideas to what is taught and how. Topics are launched with an exciting ‘BIG BANG’ to enthuse and inspire learning. 


Curriculum Detail

  • Spoken Language It is of great importance that children should be able to express themselves clearly, negotiate and use strength of argument to support ideas. Children are encouraged to speak to their peers, adults and invited visitors to the school. They take part in dramatic performances. They are encouraged to give their own viewpoint and be made aware that all points of view are valued. They have their own School Parliament where they are able to voice these views publicly and make changes. ading
  • Reading Every day between 11:45am – 12:00pm, the school is transformed into a virtual library as every child participates in ERIC (everyone reading in class). It is a time for quiet reading and talking through stories with adults. Pupils also benefit from weekly group, guided reading.  Our reading curriculum at Graveley starts with a firm foundation in phonics. The Letters and Sounds programme of work followed by many schools is brought to life in our infant classes by highly trained professionals. Children have a solid grounding in the basics for word formation. Daily between 11:30am – 11:45am, children take part in active phonics/word work from Reception to Year 6.  
  • We use Accelerated Reader for pupils in Year 1 and above. Pupils are allocated reading books and, once they have finished the book, they take an online quiz. This new scheme ensures pupils are not only developing their basic reading skills but are also developing greater understanding of a text. As Reception pupils move through the year they may gradually be put onto Accelerated Reader as well as using their phonics based books from class.    
  • Writing The skills of handwriting are taught from the beginning of school life through writing in sand and paint. Children learn to write using cursive, joined up handwriting. This handwriting formation is taught from Reception and encourages neat, legible handwriting which is consistent in size. Children work towards gaining a pen licence, which can be acquired from Year 2. Our cross curricular approach to teaching enables pupils to write for purpose and become authors from an early age. Basic skills and building blocks (such as punctuation and grammar) are taught alongside creativity and the use of language. 
  • Phonics All pupils across the school are grouped for phonics teaching which specifically takes place at 11:30am every day. Children are taught in small groups of approximately 7-8. Using the Letters and S ounds programme as a starting point we feel this highly targeted and individual approach enables teaching to be tailored to specific needs. Solid understanding of oral phonics leads to effective spellings and spelling strategies.  

  • We teach the core skills such as times table knowledge and the use of the four functions alongside the key elements outlined in the new National Curriculum. Maths lessons begin with a mental maths starter followed by teaching of key concepts.   In recent years, pupils have been involved in maths challenges with other local schools.  
  •  We teach a wide range of topics that address key skills found in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Children also develop investigative skills.  

  • ICT   
  • We have 40 iPads for use in class alongside 30 laptops. Digital cameras, microscopes and visualisers are available for everyone to use. We have also recently installed brand new interactive whiteboards which are used to make lessons more exciting!
  • E-Safety   
  • Whilst exciting and beneficial both in and out of the context of education, children need to be aware of the range of risks associated with the use of the Internet and related technologies. At Graveley we take care to educate our pupils on eSafety issues; teaching them the appropriate behaviours and critical thinking skills to remain safe when online. We also work with parents in supporting them in keeping their children safe in the ever changing online world.
  •   MUSIC  
  • Graveley Primary School has a history of good all-round music education which includes listening skills, performance (vocal and instrumental) and composition. We currently have a part time peripatetic guitar teacher.     
  • The school encourages team games and individual sports for children. We teach a wide and varied curriculum including netball, football, rounders, lacrosse, gymnastics, dance, kwik-cricket, athletics and tag rugby. The older children compete in tournaments against other schools. Class 3 pupils have swimming lessons during the summer term. We have a long serving history in taking part in the prestigious biennial Hertfordshire County Dance Festival along with other schools. On alternating years we take part in the Stevenage Dance Festival.  
  • Graveley Primary School is a voluntary controlled school in the Diocese of St. Albans. Children are involved in daily acts of worship which are themed around out values of fellowship, creativity and harmony.    The Hertfordshire R.E. syllabus is followed. If you do not wish your child to take part in any part of our religious education then alternative work may be provided under the supervision of a member of staff.    
  • Health Education is taught from reception and builds up during their time at Graveley. Children are taught how to take care of themselves in terms of safety, health and hygiene, nutrition and anti drug measures (age appropriate). They are taught to respect themselves and other people and they are told about their own rights in saying ‘No’ to other people who might harm them.  In Class 4, the class teacher and the School Nursing Team deal with growing up and puberty naturally and sensitively. Parents are informed and if they wish can see any material that is used.    The School Nursing Team is available for advice. School medicals are held periodically for certain year groups. Parents are always informed if there are any problems

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Our Expectations Booklets

Graveley has produced a range of downloadable booklets for parents regarding our expectations for end of year achievement.

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